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Pedal Prix

Who are we?
Coomy Racing Team consists of students in years 6 to 10 from students at Coomandook and also neighbouring primary schools who are unable to enter their own teams. Currently our team has approximately 30 riders along with an extensive support team. Our student’s race in three bikes: Philgood, Nightmare and Flo Rider and train on our track at school or on local rounds surrounding the school.

What is Pedal Prix?
Pedal Prix is a series of races where children of adults of different ages race in Human Powered Vehicles (HPV). HPV’s are modified bikes with three wheels that are raced in 6 and 24 hour events throughout the year.

Why do we participate?
Our students choose to join the Pedal Prix team as an extra-curricular activity offered at Coomandook Area School. Regardless of their fitness level or previous experience all students are able to join and be a member of the team. Students of out to compete against their own personal best within a supportive team environment, this is something that is hard to find in a sport.

Pedal Prix is a sport that all schools may participate in regardless of their location or distance from the city. However for Coomandook this is only part of what draws us to the sport. For the Coomandook and surrounding districts Pedal Prix also provides opportunities for members of our wide spread community to come together and build this program whilst also building community partnerships.