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The Uniform of the Coomandook Area School has been determined by the Governing Council. We believe as a school community that there are benefits in students following an agreed school dress code:

  • contributes to whole school unity and pride
  • develops individual self esteem through the feeling of “belonging”
  • contributes to the development of a supportive school environment, by reducing levels of competitive dressing
  • supports social justice initiatives by discouraging fashion competition
  • develops a positive image of Coomandook Area School in the wider community
  • assists staff in identifying strangers in the school grounds and therefore enables staff to ensure a greater level of safety for students
  • assists in identifying students during excursions and in the school grounds.
  • Parents have the right to request exemption for their children on specific grounds:
    • religious
    • cultural or ethnic
    • new students (time to purchase, wear previous uniform)
    • itinerant students
    • financial hardship
    • genuine medical or family sickness reasons.

Applications for exemptions must be writing or interview and addressed to the Principal.