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Parents & Friends

Parents & Friends (P&F) is a great way to regularly catch up and have a cuppa with other parents/carers - it is a little less formal than other school committees but still plays an important role in the functioning of the School. Parents & Friends is a Committee of Governing Council.

The Parents and Friends Committee:

  • provides a forum/means for parents to voice and share their opinions, ideas, concerns etc.
  • has a representative with voting rights at CAS Governing Council meetings: this gives parents the avenue to present their views and ideas directly to the School’s governing faculty and also gives Governing Council a way to get feedback from parents on issues and decisions to be made etc.
  • keeps parents informed of what is happening at the School
  • enables parents to be informed/involved in their children’s education and school activities
  • has guest speakers on subjects concerning children and young people’s education & well being
  • organises special days and functions for students
  • runs the Tuckshop under the ‘Right Bite’ strategy’s healthy eating guidelines
  • helps to provide, by fundraising etc., items needed by the School - therefore has input into purchasing what is most required and beneficial to the School and students

Following are some of the items/activities that P&F is involved in:

  • Catering at Carnivals and functions
  • Equipment donated that is requested by students or staff

Information about meeting times are advertised in the school newsletter.